Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What Is Reputation Generator™

Reputation Generator™ is a feedback generating system designed to help you build a 5 Star Reputation online at important reviews sites to your business.

Review sites like Google, TripAdvisor, RateMD’s, Houzz etc.

This is done by providing Reputation Generator a weekly, or daily list of your recent customers, clients or patients.

Reputation Generator™ then asks your customers, clients or patients (via email and or text message) to provide feedback on their experience.

We also follow up with contacts who do not engage with the feedback request, which dramatically increased the number of online reviews you will get.

Who Is Reputation Generator™ Best Suited For?

Reputation Generator™ is perfect for both service and product businesses of any size selling B2C or B2B.

It works for wholesale, retail, clinics, professionals, or franchise with either a single or multiple locations.

What Company Name Will The Feedback Requests Come From?

Your company name will be used as the Sender “From” in the feedback request emails.

Your logo will also be included, so your brand is easily recognized.

I Have A Question That Is Not Answered Here...

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. To get in touch click here and let us know what’s on your mind. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Online Review(s) Questions

My Business Does Not Have Any Bad Reviews, Why Would I Still Need To Invest In Using Reputation Generator™?
Congratulations and good question.

Now your business is probably run buy humans right? And sometimes well humans mess up even it it’s not your humans directly. Suppliers, manufactures you get the picture.

What’s more, your customers are also human (or at lease owned by humans who pay their bills!)

The fact is, it only takes one bad experience and bad review to give your stellar online reputation a black eye.

So we recommend every business build up the number of positive reviews now to give you a competitive advantage and help boost your local business Google rankings too.

For most, it’s not a a matter of if but when you’ll have someone leave you a bad review online – even if it’s a competitor or disgruntled ex employee.

You will also be able to monitor your business across the internet from one easy to use dashboard and get feedback on individual employees if you set the system up for that.

How Do Customer Reviews Help My Businesses' Rankings Online?
The Search Engines and Review Sites goal is to give local searchers the Best business listing in their area to keep them coming back to their site (where they sell ads).

To determine what businesses are the best, they use consumer reviews (or “Social Signals”) as a way to measure them since they couldn’t possibly visit every single business themselves.

So the business with the most positive reviews in a specific category usually gets the best search results, more clicks to their website and thus more sales and profits.

Is It Possible To Have Negative Reviews Removed From Review Sites?

Review sites do not allow you to edit customer reviews, but you may be allowed to respond with a comment. By responding, new potential customers can see that you are actively working with unhappy customers and may decide to choose you based on your ability to address an issue promptly.

If the negative review is false, inaccurate or breaks the terms of service on the review site, you may be able to have it removed by the review site when you contact them directly.

Plan & Billing Questions

Is It a Monthly Service & Can I Cancel It Any Time?

Yes Reputation Generator is a month to month service.

You can cancel your service by simply sending a request to cancel by email before your next billing cycle.

Which Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

You can pay through Visa, Mastercard or Discover.