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Why Are Online Reviews Critical For More Sales?

The study by Cone Inc.,a Boston based, brand trust building consulting firm discovered:

  • 89% of consumers go online to do more research about products or services they are considering spending money on.
  • 77% of consumers don NOT rely only on recommendations from others and double check online for additional information and reviews.
  • 80% of consumers changed their minds about a recommended purchase because of negative information (reports or reviews) they found online.

A recent “Neilsen Ratings” study found that over 90% of people trust Reviews & referrals from family and friends.

Over 70% trust 3rd party Reviews. Other common business promotions trust levels fall off to a dismal 29%.

Click on the Neilsen study findings image below for an easy to read, large pop-up.

Other studies show your company must have at least 8-10 good online reviews to positively influence people’s decision to pick your business over your competition.

Now is the best time to get proactive in asking your customers, clients & patients for feedback and online reviews.

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